The motor runs the machine, just like inspiration propels the world and its family. In times where opinions matter, and method-driven images rule; Cover Factory uncovers its creatively powerful tools to construct stylized and relevant communication strategies and profiles for its clients.

While the influx of technology and smartness can be quite rewarding, ever imagined the method and thought concealed behind the polish and sophistication of a brand?

Sonia Bhardwaj, Creative Director 

Sonia has over 15 years of experience across many genres such as  advertising, filmmaking, visual merchandizing, interior design and branding. Her style can best be described as eclectic and versatile, with the foundation of her inspiration based predominantly on Boho chic. 
A Jenson & Nicholson and NIFT alumni, Sonia enjoys the contrast of working on interior design projects as much as stylizing sets for photo shoots. Over the years sonia has worked with top brands across the country and abroad and her clients include brands like Rediffusion, National Geographic, Taj, UPS, ITC, Gold Souk and s.Oliver.

At Cover Factory, we enjoy the luxury of simplicity. Everything boils down to basics, which eventually results in state-of the art branding services.

Working in reverse helps us achieve targets on time, within budget and as desired with mechanical precision, just like as in a factory!

Meet Bhatia, Creative Director

With experience in Luxury retail branding and advertising , Meet has been involved with many brands and corporate in providing branding strategy and advertising solutions with luxury and fashion brands. Having served a tenure at KIMAYA , as their Creative HEAD, Meet Bhatia headed the design team and managed to encompass extremely successful projects for the brand like international brands launch and merchandising, store VM, In film Communication for the film Fashion and launch of three Flagships , Meet renders creative and marketing strategic knowledge to niche retail clients.  
As a double major in design and Management from NIFT, Meet’s strength  lies in client vision centric communication design.