“The world is a small place for those willing to go the whole hog.”

Effective, Interactive and Innovative are no ordinary words. They sum up the essence of Cover Factory. Complete with crackling campaign strategies and engaging overall creative solutions, here are the services churned out at the factory!

Corporate & Creative Brand Management

A brand is your signature and ticket at cultivating healthy consumer interactions. For us, you, the client is our brand. This explains, simplifies and signifies your relation to us.

  • Idea Generation to Execution
  • Marketing & Brand Mapping
  • Communication Strategizing

The globe is shrinking because we are expanding. An enviable assortment of creative, promotional ventures is proof of the rest, sitting up and taking notice. Catchy and relevant, every ad tells a story!
  • Print & Publication Adverts
  • Graphic Designing
  • Interiors & Space Design
  When it rains artistic styling; it pours. The ambience of the Cover Factory studio reflects the ever-changing moods and concepts to blend in with the look and feel desired of the brand.
  • Set Design for Photo-shoots
  • Space Styling
  • Photography
A vision and a camera; the literal and the figurative go hand-in-glove. If pictures speak volumes, Cover Factory holds the mouthpiece. Imaginative and effective photo-shoot is the way to scale up memory recall and associations with the client’s products.

Portfolio Development

Challenges and opportunities galore, a factory is never deprived of ideas and technology to grind out solutions. Handled and packaged with a vision and the promise of perfection, so that our clients carry back their smiles and cherish a 'name'
At Cover Factory, WE THINK